Tuesday, 1 March 2011

First blog ever baby

This less of a blog and more of a story telling device.


10am - 4pm - Woke and boke for the 2nd time ever. Was good shit. Had some mates come over and we jumped in the car and drove down to the gong. Managed to polish a case of beer in two hours in the car ride. Thank fuck I didn't have to drive.

6pm: Got to the gong, and went swimming with all the boys. Fucking good shit. Beautiful water, top town, top guys!

8pm: Bought another case, but I didn't really need much more to drink. Took off my pants. Didn't bother putting any back on. Pants are always optional mother fucker!

???: Must have decided to go to sleep/passed out

Sunday: Woke up in my swag on Rowdys floor. Didn't even bother unrolling it the whole way. What a stupid night. Pack up my shit and went to Soundwave. Fucking good weekend!